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30th November 2013, 10:22
Here are 4 inventive idea's that will help you to reuse coffee grounds and improve your looks:

1. Facial scrub
In the summertime, skin care is essential; everyone is in search of that beautiful healthy glow. And letís face itĖyou canít get that glow with a layer of dead skin sitting on top. Everyone can use some exfoliating every once in a while (even guys!).
You can make your own facial scrub at home out of coffee! Itís simple: Just add some freshly used coffee grounds to your facial cleanser and exfoliate away. If you donít use a cleanser, you can always just exfoliate with just grounds and a little water.
2. Eye de-puffer
Itís summer, so we wonít judge if you drink a few too many cocktails at night. But the next time you wake up with puffy eyes from a little too much fun, cold coffee grounds will do the trick. Wrap cold, used coffee grounds in a wet paper towel and place directly on the puffy parts for about 20 minutes. Youíll feel better in no time!
3. Body oil
A combination of coffee and olive oil could work better than any £50.00 cream can! Mix some used caffeinated grounds with olive oil and apply to the skin. Once it dries, just rub the grounds off and youíre free to go (careful not to do it in the shower though as grounds can clog the drain!). This works because when caffeine is absorbed into the skin, it acts as a tightening agent.
4. Soap
The people of Brazil have long known the benefits of coffee as skin care, now itís your turn. Coffee in soap acts as a natural deodorizer. Plus it exfoliates, leaving you with smooth, odor-free skin!
Coffee has long been the most versatile ingredient in your house, and you didnít even know it, did you? Although we cannot blame you for only using coffee as your favorite beverage, it wouldnít hurt to experiment with coffee in other ways!

6th December 2013, 22:11
should be one on reuse of espresso drip tray fluid as I use mine on my house plant.