View Full Version : LONDINIUM I Spring Lever Espresso Machine

6th November 2013, 20:43

The Londinium I specs that I've found so far are as follows.

A single 58mm commercial group to bring the most subtle flavours in the roast to your attention
Spring lever for shot after shot of superlative espresso with absolute ease and low pressure extraction that tapers off as the shot progresses
A polished 2.3 litre copper boiler with lead-free solder and unplated, for the highest thermal conductivity and no water taint
Reservoir/tank design, not plumbed, so no installation is required
Single phase so you just open the box and plug it in
Proper low water protection with auto shut-off
A stonking 2850W boiler element (see element options below) for endless steam and rapid recovery after water is drawn from the boiler
A properly designed heat exchanger with integrated thermo siphon design to ensure the group maintains its operating temperature when idle and no poncing about with cooling flushes before pulling a shot
Water loaded into the group with the pressure of the boiler - not an electric pump
As small as we can make it (unfortunately it will have to be bigger than a Cremina, but it will be smaller than a Bosco or a Strega)
A hot water tap
Precision engineering with no powder coated mild steel - all stainless steel body for an indefinite corrosion free life

Three elements will be offered;

2850W, 240V (UK & anyone else who wants the full fat edition that will draw 13A)
2400W, 240V (New Zealand, Australia & anyone else on 240V/10A circuits)
1400W, 110V (all 110V markets)

Available Now:
1,322.59 - Standard - plumbed / 240V, 2850W / UK
1,322.59 - Standard - tank & pump, with plumb in kit / 240V, 2850W / UK