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28th February 2014, 20:36
Tasting Notes: Citrus, Caramel and Praline notes with white Chocolate finish.

The coffee industry in El Salvador is making great strides to lose its reputation as a cheap ‘central’ coffee and demonstrate the quality of coffee that can be sourced.
This is from the Salaverria family farmlands located on the Apaneca/ Ilametepec mountain range in one of the most prestigious areas for coffee cultivation activities.This coffees is 100% shade grown with ideal environmental factors for cultivation of Arabica coffees such as altitude, temperature, adequate rain fall, humidity, and ideal volcanic soils.

Much coffee that is grown is of the bourbon variety. This was an unintentionally beneficial legacy of the civil war, whereby the bourbon trees were not uprooted in favour of hardier types of arabica trees. The main coffee growing regions are located in the west of the country and around San Salvador, the capital. The harvest for better quality coffees is from January to April/May.

This is a stunningly clean El Salvador from the Santa Ana farm that has delicate vanilla aroma citrus acidity with caramel and praline notes with a white chocolate finish.

Weight: 200g

Bean Choice: Whole Bean, or Ground to your liking!

Price: £4.99