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4th November 2013, 22:07
If you want to hop along to Spain, and wonder what kind of coffee is on offer in cafes there, then here's a taster for you:

Café Solo – the most commonly ordered type of coffee in Spain. Café solo
is a small and very strong black coffee usually served in a small

Café Con Leche – is the next most popular way to drink
coffee, especially as the first cup of the day. It is half café solo and
half hot milk and can be served in a small glass or a tall thin glass.
Café con leche is best drunk in a traditional Spanish bar where they
pour the milk into a metal jug and then with steam from the espresso
machine they noisily froth the milk and heat it up so your coffee will
be piping hot!

Café Bombon – this is a variant on café con leche,
it is a small glass containing condensed milk with a café solo slowly
poured in. It is then mixed and is very sweet tasting.

Café Americano – similar to a café solo but served in a larger glass or cup with a more water.

Café Cortado – a strong black coffee similar to café solo but with a drop of milk.

Con Hielo – mostly drunk in the summertime this is cold coffee
otherwise known as iced coffee. The Spanish will serve you with a
‘normal coffee’ and a separate glass with ice and you should then pour
your coffee over the ice.

Café Sombra or Café Manchado is mostly milk with just a few drops or small measure of coffee.

Carajillo – this is the coffee that is famous around the world as
‘Spanish coffee’ although as we have already seen – there are so many
other types of coffee in Spain apart from the café carajillo. Outside of
Spain we know Spanish coffee as a coffee with alcohol – typically rum
then topped with whipped cream.

found any more, then let me know! :)