View Full Version : Ethiopian Harrar Riga Damu - Offered From: 25th February 2014

25th February 2014, 23:43
Tasting Notes: Blueberry Scrumpy

Description: This Harrar coffee is famous for its distinctive blueberry notes, which was picked up instantly on the dry aroma, but it assails the nose through a veil of scrumptious ferment, right from the bottom of a cider butt! The power of memory association with smell transported me back to my grape-picking days & clearing out the remnants of grape-skin, stalk & pip from the vats at the end of fermentation. It's obviously not as intoxicating as that but even so, the so-called fermented beans have played their part in a benign way, that would be a curse to any cleaner coffee.

Weight: 200g

Bean Choice: Whole Bean, or Ground to your liking!

Price: 6.50