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15th November 2013, 11:17
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Product Features:

Control your iKettle via your mobile device
Easy one-touch set up
Wake up and Welcome home mode/Timer
Choose from four temperature settings
Keep warm feature
Super easy to clean - removable filter and no internal element
Auto shut off with boil-dry protection
Stainless steel design with soft-touch handle
LED backlit control panel

Wireless 802.11b/gx


Has a standard 3-pin UK plug
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power input 1850-2200X

Box Contents:

WiFi Base Unit


Kettle Capacity is approximately 1.8 Litres
Box Measures approximately 21cm(W) x 24cm(H) x 20.5cm(D)
Weighs approximately 1.6kg

Boil your kettle with your smart phone, anywhere in your home
The most satisfying wake-up call of all time
Welcomes you home by asking if you'd like to pop the kettle on
Embrace laziness and enjoy perfect hot drinks, what's not to like?

Hot drinks are the mainstay, the backbone, the buttress, that vital spark, the very lifeblood of our existence. So imagine how perfect and complete life would feel if there was no longer that tiresome wait for the kettle to boil. This blissful paradise we've just described is now all too real, thanks to the iKettle - The World's first WiFi Kettle.

Stumbled in the front door from work exhausted? Nervy half-time ad break during the World Cup final? Slaving away on a late night project and can't waste a second? Whatever the urgent hot-drink scenario, a simple one-touch setup allows you to instantly control the iKettle from anywhere in the house with your smart-phone.

The Wake mode gently rouses you from your deep slumber: Good Morning! Would you like me to pop the kettle on? Yes / No. Is there any better wake-up call? Squint open half an eye, hit 'Yes' then drift back off to sleep, safe in the knowledge that in the kitchen your iKettle is boiling, ready to deliver your morning rocket fuel. Once boiled it'll ask if you're ready or if you'd prefer to keep it warm for a while. Who needs a butler!?

Call yourself a hot-drink connoisseur? Then you don’t need us to tell you that a Green Tea deserves to be served at 80° and a Coffee at 95°. With four tailored and precise temperature settings, this steaming servant is your new gateway to the absolutely flawless brew.

Just because the iKettle is packed full of incredible technology, this doesn't mean it has to look like something out of Wallace and Gromit. With its clean stainless steel design, LED Backlit control panel, soft-touch rubber handle and functional filtered spout it's very much a smart and refined addition to your kitchen.

Stop wasting time waiting for water to boil. Relax. Let the iKettle take care of you.

£99.99with free delivery

iKettle - buy at Firebox.com (http://www.firebox.com/product/6068/iKettle?via=whatsnew)

19th November 2013, 14:12
Now I like this idea, but you have to remember to refill the kettle before going off :0

27th November 2013, 21:08
gotta have one of these for sure.

7th December 2013, 13:01
nice idea but u have 2 remember to make sure that there's water in the thing before going anywhere though

11th December 2013, 20:19
nice addition to those who know water temperature is crucial to producing a good tasty shot, and not burnt!!