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28th January 2014, 12:29
Tasting Notes:
Cocoa notes and soft hints of nutmeg, praline and licorice.

This meduim roasted coffee works well with milky numbers.

Until recently Honduras coffee has not made it to the summit of the specialty coffee market due to mediocre coffee processing and transporting, little inward investment to put things right and the lack of a distinct brand in the consumer market. . This means that even a good quality Honduran does not fetch a good price. However Honduras has great soil, altitude, climate, and farmers increasingly better-trained in agricultural practices so things are beginning to change and you can get some amazing coffees. This Santa Rosa coffee comes from the western mountainous region of Copan and is a high quality coffee designated as ‘Strictly High Grown’ (SHG) grown at between 1500 – 2000 meters above sea level. Coffee is a hugely important industry to Honduras with more than 40,000 coffee farms and some two million people involved in the coffee harvest, that’s 30% of Honduras employment. The largest growing region is Santa Barbara, as well as Copan, Ocotepeque, Lempira, La Paz and El Paraiso in the South.

Weight: 200g

Bean Choice: Whole Bean, or Ground to your liking!

Price: 4.99 - Plus Delivery