View Full Version : Aeropress - Tips and Tricks

9th January 2014, 14:33
- Do a ‘blind’ press with boiling water to soak the paper filter. This helps to prevent the solid coffee grains sticking to the edge without brewing.
- Buy a metal filter instead of a paper one. This keeps sediment out whilst still letting the oils soak through for added flavour when compared to the paper filter.
- Use freshly filtered tap water for an extra soft and smooth drinking experience.
- Experiment with brewing times and coffee beans to mix up your coffee drinking experience.
- Add drinking chocolate powder into the cylinder during brewing for a chocolatey extra.

... the inverted AeroPress method. This stops the hot water leaking through the filter and into the cup before it has time to fully brew. Many videos can be found on the internet to aid you with this method. Here is one of our favourites that captures the straightforward nature of this alternative method.